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At Wade’s Repair Service, Inc., we are proud to be a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer, carrying the latest and most efficient heating and cooling products for your home or business.  Installing air conditioning heating systems for commercial and residential clients is our craft and we are certain that our Carrier® units will meet all your needs. Trust our experience as the #1 local HVAC installations company in Barnwell, SC.

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Wade’s Repair Service, Inc. offers the utmost quality heating and cooling installation in Barnwell, SC.  We would never recommend replacing equipment unless it is needed.  If we find that you might be better off replacing your heating or cooling system; we offer financing with convenient monthly payments, subject to credit approval.  Choosing Wade’s Repair Service, Inc for your heating and cooling installation means you get premier quality service. This comes combined with dependable, affordable, and proven Carrier® equipment.   We are proud to be a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer. Carrying the latest and most efficient heating and cooling products for your home or business helps us serve you better. 

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You may need heating/cooling installation if you are experiencing some or all of the following:

  • Increasing Energy Bills: Have your energy bills been increasing over the last couple of years? This is a good indication that you are reaching the end of the life of your heating and cooling system. As parts age, they tend to be less efficient causing energy bills to increase.
  • Humidity Problems or Excess Dust: Are you starting to notice humidity issues such as mildew or musty smells? This means your heating-cooling system is beginning to lose capacity. Your cooling system is the only means of removing excess humidity. Dirt and also dust in your home mean excess dust in your heating and cooling system, therefore, causing it to work harder than it should.
  • Frequent Breakdowns: As your heating and cooling system gets older, life parts begin to fail which results in system breakdowns. As compressors and also motors age they begin to work harder. This overheating and excess energy use can cause electrical components to overload and also short out.
  • Age of Equipment: Is your heating and cooling system over 10 years old? If so chances are it’s using more energy and also beginning to enter the frequent breakdown phase. Replacing your system with a new high-efficiency system will lower your energy usage, help avoid expensive repairs, and also avoid the inconvenience of system failures.

Heating and Air Installation Barnwell, SC

Wade’s Repair Service, Inc is the best heating-cooling installation contractor in the Barnwell, SC area. We guide you in the equipment sizing and also the efficiency selection process.  At Wade’s Repair Service, Inc. we offer free estimates.   We only use the highest quality Carrier® equipment and also offer the highest quality system installs. We are proud to install Carrier® air conditioners because it is what we use in our own homes.

Contact Carrier® Heating & Cooling Installation – Factory Authorized Dealer in Barnwell, SC

At Wade’s Repair Service, Inc. Installing air conditioning heating systems for commercial and also residential clients is our craft. We are certain that our Carrier® units will meet all your needs. Our factory-authorized and also highly trained installers ensure your new Carrier® heating and air equipment will last for many years to come.  For the highest quality, heating and cooling installation contact  Wade’s Repair Service Inc., today.

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